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  • Tasmanian Ginger Honey


Tasmanian Ginger Honey

400 gram jar - Tasmania

Tasmanian Ginger Honey

This ginger honey is not like so many ginger added products. To much ginger and not enough of anything else. So basically, all ginger. This honey is nothing like that.

Smoother than the orange honey, it is meadow honey first (which is quite wonderful) and a hint, a twist, of ginger, like a delicate foam. If you really want to find the ginger wait till the end as the last of the honey dissolves you can taste the ginger finish.

Rest assured that the 10% of ginger is in the honey. It may not be taste in your face the heat that ginger can create in your body you will feel!

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Ingredients: Honey, Ginger Pulp (10%), Sugar