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Mustard Mustard
Is there an organism out there who hasn't yet heard of the brilliant health properties of the Acai? You've surely caught the buzz about blue-green algae, or the miraculous life-preserving whortleberry? The claims are pretty breathtaking, and usually elicit a great big "meh" out of most culinary hedonists. ChefShoppers tend to eat for the joy of it, and we like our food to tell a story, seduce our palates, make a boring Tuesday afternoon feel like a Mediterranean cruise - and help us live forever, too.

But, just in case you were wondering, we are talking about a superfood here. Reintroduce yourself to a culinary grande dame, one of nature's oldest delicacies, and easily the lip-smackingest of phytonutrients-mighty, the magnificent mustard. Read on, click the now button!

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Reed Avocado

Brown Tempest
shop now for hard-to-find ingredients Summer weather is finally here.

We are having our very first heat wave of the summer. Five days of over 80 degrees in a row! As we take two giant steps towards fall, we start with a brief bang of summer. While the rest of you have been battling record heat at the beach, we have been wearing our sweaters in the sunlight for the past few months. To remember the summer we have chosen our favorite “stories” and products, and “re-shared” them this week.

Chicken over the Fire

From Seattle's waterfront, about 8 minutes from the warehouse, we head across Elliott Bay to Bainbridge Island. From there, we drive roughly four hours to the Pacific coast, making only one stop along the way at our favorite fruit stand, to one of the most beautiful places on earth - the northwestern most point of the Olympic Penninsula.

Made recently famous by the book series, "Twilight", the area around Forks, Washington includes the Hoh Rain Forest and our favorite campground in the Olympic National Park. Our trip to the Hoh River and Rain Forest, about an hour drive from the campsite, is bright, sunny and hot.

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Apple Pie and Corn Dogs Corn Dogs and Apple Pie

"An empty stomach is not a good political advisor." Albert Einstein
"No man can hope to be elected in his state without being photographed eating a hot dog at Nathan's Famous." Nelson Rockefeller

A hamburger covered in your favorite condiments, or a beef weiner ready for toppings is a great way to celebrate food!

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Great tasting Mission Figs A Date to Remember and More than a Newton
What is clear and important is that figs have been an important food group for many cultures for at least a thousand years. In the ancient civilizations of China and Greece, figs were revered for their health benefits. Eaten to grow larger muscles, increase potency, and even ordered by Kings to be eaten to ward off disease!

It turns out that dried figs have more nutritional and medicinal value than the fresh version. Protein, calcium, thiamin, riboflavin, potassium, iron and carbs make up most of the good stuff, along with being a great source of fibrous material.

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Fennel Pollen Wild Umbrian Fennel Pollen
It is rare. In fact, I can't remember when we last had Wild Umbrian Fennel Pollen still available this late. This amazingly aromatic accouterment is like the wild it is grown in captured in a jar! The smell is powerful and wonderful. And there isn't a better time than now, during grilling season, to add it to a chicken on the grill. Or add a touch to your veggies. Finish or cook with it, your only a pinch away to making summer grilling fresh and alive!

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Monks bless the tea fields, Zen Tea. Wei Mountain Zen Tea
Only a small portion of the tea grown and processed at the Wei Mountain Temple is made available to members of the local community when they visit the temple. The highest grade is never sold, but used only within the temple for special ceremonies. The mid-grade is made available to the lay community, but never sold openly inside or outside China; one must visit the temple to obtain Zen tea, which is what Becky's brother did not too long ago. The standard grade is what the monks retain for themselves for use during their daily meditations. Becky has agreed to allow us a few more packages for this newsletter. We won't see this tea again until next years harvest.

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Hard-neck garlic from Anselmos Farm The Hands of a Man
In the food business there's a wonderful mix of people, most with previous careers; this is my third. It's the people, many of whom have become fast friends, that keep me on this emotional roller coaster of business.

These relationships are what life's all about. And, sadly, this past year two wonderful people, partners in life, have passed. Arlene left us just over a year ago, and now just a few weeks ago, Arlene's life partner, Chuck.

Amongst all the produce that they sold was always Chuck's passion, hardneck garlic.

For a small family farm their passing was devastating on so many levels, and for Marie, their daughter, it meant that it is time to retire. 2011 will be their last garlic harvest. She and her husband have pulled the garlic from the ground for the last time.

If you've eaten their garlic, you know how good it is. If you've never endeavored Anselmo's garlic, this would be the year to do so and help the family while you are at it.

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  Sliced Pie

Olive Oil
KATZ Rock Hill Ranch -Olive Oil

Katz' Organic Rock Hill rakes in a number of gold medals. Rock Hill was, hands down, the winner of all the winning olive oils at the seventh annual Yolo County Fair. Not only did it win gold medals for Best of Class and Best of Show, it won the brand new Patty Bogle-Rancoroni Award -- the "Best of the Best" award! Congratulations Albert and Kim!

If you haven't tried Rock Hill, you don't know what you have been missing! While you could argue that many California oils are trying to be Italian, this oil is very much it's own oil. Distinctly unusual, and with it's own personality, it is an oil to have and to own.

Katz Rock Hill Ranch EVO is made from Taggiasca and Casaliva cultivars (70%), which are native to the Ligurian and Lombardy regions of Italy respectively; both are grown on the Rock Hill Ranch. These varieties are both noted for their soft and persistent fruitiness with sweet overtones, producing a lush mouth feel. The remainder of the blend is the Leccino cultivar (30%). This Tuscan cultivar is grown up the road from the Katz's Rock Hill Ranch and added to give the finished oil its green hue and classic grassiness and herbaceousness.

Katz Shop Now for Olive Oil!


Two great fruits
It's the beginning of the season for two fruits that we absolutely love. They are almost ready for prime time. One we started to get sampled weeks in advance. The other is "cored" and checked for sweetness, based on the scale of brix.

Either way, both results in a splend’ish’ishness of pure pleasure.

These two fruits are an excellent representation of variety selection, growing conditions, the weather and, of course, the hands that create them, can make an enormous difference to what we are used to. It is how fruit should be. Catch the fruits of the fall, before it’s too late!

Reed Avocado's from Herman Ranch

Honey Crisp Apples

New Batch of Smoked Mangalitsa Bacon
I just spent the morning watching the bacon being sliced. It's a beautiful thing! I can't wait to fry up the bacon ends. These are the ends that don't slice up pretty, but they are oh so good! As an ingredient it changes your dish. Like the lard, it is a game changer. Today, though, I can't wait to have bacon and eggs for dinner! Eggs from Larry, one of the guys who keeps the landlord's buildings running, has chickens and, thus, eggs! And they are, like all natural eggs, rich in color and flavor.

Cooking Classes Coming Up

Exploring Exotic Beans
Chef Lauren is a master at combining seasonal fresh ingredients and pantry basics, like beans, and turn out pure magic. Expand you kitchen repertoire and use everything in your CSA box all in one class.

NEW: La Cocina Mexicana
Mexican cooking is full of subtle techniques, savory ingredients you never expected, and combinations of flavors that make your eyes pop... and our taste buds smile. And since the class ends with feasting on the dishes we prepared, you'll go home with more than enthusiasm for the delicious cuisine.

NEW: Cooking for the Sultan
The cookbooks of the era reveal the Ottoman court culture to have been as food obsessed as the most passionate modern foodies. Join Chef Lesa as she takes you through her recent trip to Turkey, savor recipes from the kitchens of Topkapai Palace, hear more about the rich history of this ancient cuisine, and recreate some of their dishes.

This Weeks Recipes

Bagna Cauda
Sort of an Italian version of fondue -- and a great combination of garlic, olive oil, and fresh vegetables.

Basic Guacamole
We gave Marie two of our early season Reed avocados. Today, when she came to drop off some more garlic, she said that they made the best guacamole she ever had. Here is the recipe.

Iced Mochaccino
What could be better than a pernigotti cocoa laced cup of chilled Italian espresso, on a hot, hot day?

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