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Stocking Stuffers for everyone!
At this time of time of year we rush to do this and rush to do that, and all the while we feel that we're late. Though it's rare that we are we actually late, it always feels exponentially that way.

This is our annual stocking stuffer newsletter. Though I would say that it has expanded just outside the reaches of a conventional, normal sized stocking. These are also perfect hostess gifts to have in your back pocket just in case you get caught getting invited to Ant Martha's or Aw'ntee Frances, but no worries because after shopping this list you will always be prepared. The best part is, you can't over do it, because everything keeps and you can always eat it yourself!

Order up! Shipping deadlines are here. Ground Shipping East Coast Tomorrow, West Coast Monday. Expedited orders Tuesday.

Tuna Perfectly Shaped Tuna Can.
The absolute, always expected stocking stuffer in every toe that hangs above our fireplace. This oval can slides in easily right into the toe of even the tightest stocking.
Croccante Almond Croccante
Like the best peanut brittle you could ever imagine - but with whole almonds, not peanuts. This croccante is an Italian treat made by the Antica Torroneria Piemontese, specialists in traditional sweets. If there is a gift I want, this is at the top of my list!

Balsamic Vinegar San Giacomo Essenza Balsamic Vinegar
It fits in a stocking and what a gift! Santa couldn't leave a more luxurious gift inside a sock than this. Except perhaps keys to a new Ferrari or diamonds. Though, the Essenza is a little cheaper in price.
Red Pepper Traditional Seven Spice mix.
A blend of peppers, orange peel, sesame seeds and ginger. Add it to noodles or fish dishes. The hot lover in your life will be surprised when this little jar pops out. Also works well in the toe like the Ortiz Tuna.

Chocolate Twigs Elegant twigs of Chocolate
herald in the season. Simple to eat, they dress up a cup of tea, coffee, or a mug of drinking chocolate.
Scrappy's Bitters Scrappy's Grapefruit Bitters.
As seen in Bon Appetit - The natural, wonderful bitterness of grapefruit zest combined with a mellow sweetness. Give your mineral water a splash, add a dash to your grapefruit salsa, or a few drops to your grilled salmon. With these grapefruit bitters, you just can not go wrong!

Anchovy If you love Anchovies
you will want these in your stocking. If you hate anchovies, skip right on by. Santa is not a fan as far as we know.
Fleur de Sel Fleur de Sel de Guerande
This little bag of salt might just be the sweetest salt you will ever have. Equipped with a wooden spoon (that I love) that isn't big enough to stir a pot, but it is perfect for scooping salt. Though, I really only use it for other salts. To me this salt is of the pinch and release kind.

French Nougat French Nougat
To earn the designation "Nougat de Montélimar," nougat must follow certain specifications regarding proportions of ingredients, including a certain amount of "miel toutes fleurs" - mixed-flower honey. At Arnaud Soubeyran, this "toutes fleurs" honey comes locally from Provence, as does the lavender honey also used. The perfect, classy, replacement for high fructose syrup candies! What Joy it will bring.
Red Lentils Red Zero-Tannin Lentils
These delicate lentils slip into a stocking in their silver bag with ease. Any food lover will appreciate the holiday cheer that will be created by the easy cooking and fresh taste. Lentils are not only a mainstay for most of the world, they are also a mainstay for Santa's Elves.

Currants in Syrup White Currant Jam.
It's a gift that Santa has been placing with great care since the 14th century. Only reserved for nobility, Currant Jam has the reputation of being one of the Luxury items. Hand seeded using a quill feather, the red and white currants create a jam that no other compares do.
Hot Drinking Chocolate Deep Rich Hot Drinking Chocolate
There are so many options for hot chocolate these days. This one is different. It starts with all organic chocolate and blends three different percentages, creating the best smooth mouth feel. Mrs. Claus fills a thermos every Christmas eve for Santa. It helps wash down all the milk and cookies.


Gluten free cakes Three Cakes, all Gluten Free
It sure seems like the holidays are focused on traditional cakes. We've been doing it for weeks: Panettone, Stollen, Fruitcake, and more. If you are wheat sensitive or gluten intolerant, it seems like there are no festive cakes to celebrate with.

Until today! We ordered them up and they are here. Three cakes fit for a king, filled with lots of more; more almondy, more chocolatey, more orangy flavor than any cake! One single, rich, full, slice satisfies.

Sealed tightly in an airtight can, when you open any one of these three, you are welcomed by a cake that says celebrate. But gluten is not welcome here. These amazing cakes are for everyone, but if you are looking for gluten you won't find it here!

Shop now for gluten free cakes!

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