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Spanish Tapas 6-Month Subscription*

Regular Retail Price: $79.00/Month plus $1.99/Month Handling Fee for first month, and $69.00/Month for remaining 5 months of subscription  (That's $10.00/Month off the regular $79.00/month price. Monthly charge plus handling fee ($1.99/Month) charged monthly when each kit ships.*

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Spanish Tapas are all the rage! And why wouldn't they be? What could be more fun than standing around with your friends, enjoying a quick bite of something amazingly delicious, along with your beer or wine or cocktail? Sounds like food heaven to me! And no wonder! Spain grows or makes some of the most amazing and amazingly flavorful foods in the world - and the Spaniards know how to cook them right, too! 

So easy and so much fun! We have taken all the guess-work out of making Tapas! After you receive the kit, just follow the directions, and you will have Tapas for 4-6 people in no time!


  1. 10-12 EASY, CHEF-TESTED TAPAS RECIPES, complete with Gluten Free alternatives: By the end of the 6 months you'll have at least 10-12 Spanish Tapas recipes that are easy to make, and so delicious you'll want to make them again and again, and suggestions on how to make them all without gluten. All our recipes are carefully designed so that you can easily make them at home with minimal time prepping or cooking, and almost no time shopping for fresh ingredients.  Most of the recipes server 4-6 people - enough to have a party!
  2. NO FUSS, NO PLANNING: All the information you need to make each recipe is included! We do all the planning for you, with step-by-step instructions on what fresh ingredients you need to buy, what equipment you need, and how to make each recipe. You will be ready to show up at any party or gathering with one of the tastiest small plates around - no fuss, no plaining, no sweat!
  3. COMPLETE GOURMET SPANISH PANTRY**: By the end of the 6 months, you're going to love your pantry! Each recipe kit builds on the prior kit of ingredients, so by the end of the 6 months you'll have a amazing gourmet Spanish pantry - so you can make the recipes over and over again. (No sample sizes here!) Your pantry will be the envy of friends and family alike -- plus, the flavor of everything you cook at home, whether it is Tapas or anything else, will shine as a result of your new and high quality pantry.

Spanish Tapas Monthly Subscription is the ultimate gourmet gift to yourself or someone you love! 

Every month we'll deliver to your door 1-3 new Tapas recipes, a list of simple and clear shopping and assembly instructions, and a selection of premium quality Spanish ingredients* - so by the end of the 6 months you'll have a whole Spanish pantry, including Sherry Vinegar from Jerez, Spanish Estate Olive Oil from Andaluca, Artisan Spanish Sea Salt from Villena, Spanish Pimenton from the La Vera Region, Muscatell Wine Vinegar from Catalonia, and much, much more!

Every month, we'll send you a heads-up email to remind you that your kit is on its way and what to expect. We will also let you know which pantry ingredients you received prior that you'll need to have on hand to make the recipe(s) in that month's kit. This will give you a few days to check out your personal pantry stock, and order more of anything you are out of BEFORE your kit ships.

Unlike the other food clubs and subscriptions, we absolutely DO NOT send sample sizes - you are getting the whole schlemago, so that you can make the recipe(s) over and over again without having to re-buy everything on the list every time - unless, of course, you just couldn't resist making the recipes in between kit shipments..... Each product we'll send you is full retail size, and will become part of your extended gourmet home pantry.

By the end of six months, not only will you have an amazing pantry of high-end, quality and flavorful Spanish ingredients, but you'll know the top secrets to making exceptionally flavored food -- mainly, exceptionally good ingredients -- both in your fridge, and in your pantry!



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*Take note: Subscription automatically renews after your one-month trial period expires and is charged by the applicable paid Voucher Subscription rRte of $70.99 per month ($69/Month for the kit, $1.99/Month for handling). Cancel 96 hours before shipment by emailing or calling 800-596-2205. For details on cancellation policy, please see Club and Subscription Service Guarantee. For further information about subscriptions, please see the Terms and Conditions page.


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