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Som Tangerine and Sea Salt Drinking Vinegar Syrup

500 ml bottle - Portland, OR

To the nose it is all citrus with a tickle! To the tongue it's salty first with hint of something and little sweet. To the mouth it goes through a bunch of iterations. The feeling of liquid with nothing else, there is a touch of salt, there is the citrus and there are elements that jump around in the mouth, hiding in the nooks and crannys causing you to chase the flavor. The saltiness and the citrus chase each other around in circles all inside your mouth!

1oz Som Tangerine and Sea Salt
4oz Soda
on the rocks with a tangerine or orange twist 

Som Tangerine Fizz

1oz Som Tangerine and Sea Salt
3oz Tangerine Juice
1/2 oz Lime Juice
Top with 4oz Topo Chico mineral Water
served over crushed ice with tangerine peel zest