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Som Oregon Berry Drinking Vinegar Syrup

500 ml bottle - Portland, OR

To the nose first there is a cookie and second there is berry. The tongue it is tingly and then berry. It is like you want your kids medicines to taste like. Pure berry with a tingle! It's delish. To the mouth it enters as a liquid and then as it dissipates and dissapears there is berry. And with the berry there is a second wave that is in the center of the tongue that has an extra fresh berry feel, almost bitter'ish but not really. It is very berry.

1oz Som Oregon Berry
4oz Soda Water
on the rocks with lime wedge

Som Berry Cobbler

Smash 1/4 cup fresh mixed berries and one slice of orange in a 14oz glass.
Add 1oz Som Oregon Berry
fill glass with crushed ice
Top with soda and garnish with mint sprig