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Som Ginger Drinking Vinegar Syrup

500 ml bottle - Portland, OR

To the nose it is like a good ginger ale. Very ginger with a hint of sweet. To the tongue it is ginger. To the mouth it's like a ginger beer, sort of, and it is sweet, sort of, and when you squeeze your mouth together it is just what you want ginger vinegar to be! It's delish!

1oz Som Ginger
4oz Soda water
on the rocks with a lime wedge

Ginger Yuzu Tea

1/2 oz Som Ginger
1 t Yuzu Marmalade
6oz Boiling hot water
mix together and garnish with gingerbread cookie and lemon peel 


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Can’t Live without it
We have been drinking this regularly for many years. We always have at least one bottle around, usually more. It is refreshing and a great alternative to sugary sodas. If you haven’t tried it, you should visit Chef Shop and get a taste.
by Andrew