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  • Smoked-to-Order Femur Bones


Dog bones for your woofer - 3 bones (appox 4 pounds total)

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Applewood smoked naturally raised beef femur bones. From the same beef we get our wonderful steaks from, Rick the butcher makes these for his own dogs, and for the locals ...

Not like those other bones that have been "sterilized" off all its nutritious insides -- these bones are in their natural, marrow-filled state. Rick, from A & J's meats, the butcher who brings us the famous smoked ham and the much lauded Maui ribs, is responsible for these all-natural beef, applewood smoked femur bones. Dogs love these bones! With a large, marrow-filled center, it is a challenge for any dog - creating hours and hours of bone chewing pleasure. And when Lassie is all done, you can fill the bone with peanut butter for even more dog eating fun!

Please note - we are not responsible for how the bone performs for your particular dog. Breaking, chipping, etc. are possible so, please, make the right decision for your dog. It is always best to watch and keep track of your dog. Keeping the bones frozen may allow for better performance and help the bones last longer. Don't forget the bone and their marrow are very rich, so moderation is a good choice. Bones are shipped frozen with an ice pack.