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Applewood Smoked Rolled Turkey Breast - 7-8 lbs approx. This is all white meat - no bone.


This smoked-to-order, free range, naturally raised boneless turkey breast is cut off the bone, rolled, and then smoked to perfection for easy slicing. The smoke flavor is natural, unlike some commercially available products with chemically added "smoke" flavor, nor is the turkey meat injected to puff up the breast or filled with water to raise the weight.

This just may be the moistest smoked turkey breast you will ever taste. I have to admit, the first time we ordered it I had my doubts. Rick, our favorite local butcher at A&J Meats asked me if I'd tried his famous smoked turkey breast. When we said no, he sent one over to us - a week later, remember, since it's smoked to order.

It was a moist, wonderfully flavored, lightly smoked rolled turkey breast that brought oohs and aahs from everyone here in the warehouse as we stood around eating it - in what seemed like minutes, we'd finished it off! Rick uses a secret rub for that great flavor, and he gently smokes his turkey meat over an applewood fire, preserving the moisture. 

Gardy can only obtain a limited number of these naturally raised birds each year, and his smoke room also has limited space - so order now to reserve yours!

Reheating Instructions
You can eat the turkey breast cold, but we love it warmed in the oven. The heat helps loosen the natural juices, bringing out more of the turkey's natural flavors.

To reheat, cover the turkey breast with aluminum foil and place it in a 300-degree oven for 3-4 hours, until the turkey breast's internal temperature reaches 140 to 150 degrees. Remember, you want to heat the turkey breast, not cook it, so do not go above 150 degrees or the turkey breast will dry out.

Shipping and Ordering Details:
1. Turkeys, Turkey breasts and hams are shipped on Tuesdays and arrive on Thursdays. Cost includes expedited 2-day shipping.

2. Turkey and Turkey Breasts are smoked to order, and the process takes approx. one week. Therefore, please order by noon on a Tuesday for shipping the following Tuesday.

3. Please let us know in a note when you place your order when you would like your turkey breast shipped. Even if you order now, we can wait until a Tuesday closer to the holidays to ship

4. Turkey breast will ship packed with ice and wrapped in an insulated foil bag.

5. Shipping fees are included in the price.

Keep turkey breast refrigerated until you are ready to prepare it (up to a week is recommended). Remember, it has no preservatives and it has already been cooked.

Smoked-to-order means that we smoke your turkey breast for you after you order. This takes about one week.