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  • Smoked Berkshire Bacon (Applewood smoked) -Traditional  Style - 5 lbs


Applewood Smoked Berkshire Bacon - classic - pre-sliced
5 pounds (70-75 slices)

Price includes expedited shipping. Discounts apply if purchasing more than five pounds due to savings in shipping costs.

*Special-Order Item - Limited Quantities Available*

Please note: Rick at A&J Meats has requested that Internet customers order through only. Please do not contact him directly.

About the Bacon:
This wonderful, smoked-to-order, bacon is prepared the old-fashioned way. The Berkshire ham is cured using a secret-recipe salt and sugar brine, and then smoked with famed Washington State applewood - the way Rick's family has been making bacon for over 30 years. It's never too smoky, with a perfect balance between fat and meat. The bacon is then sliced and frozen, and packed with ice before shipped.

About the Ham
These hams come from naturally raised Berkshire pork on a small farm in eastern Oregon. The heritage breed is fed a natural diet of barley - important for the color, texture, and taste of the meat.

--------- Shipping and Ordering Details ------------

1. Bacon is generally shipped on Tuesdays for arrival on Thursdays.

2. Since shipping is a significant portion of the price, the more you order, the better the per-pound price.

3. To Pre-Order: If you know in advance when you would like your bacon,we encourage you to pre-order! That gives us and Rick time to get your individualized order together.

4. Please let us know in a note when you place your online order when you would like your bacon to arrive. If there is no special instructions, we will assume you want your bacon shipped as soon as possible -- which is usually means the next Tuesday or Wednesday.

5. Bacon will ship packed with ice and wrapped in an insulated foil bag.

------- Storage and Reheating Instructions ------------

Keep bacon refrigerated until you are ready to prepare it. Bacon should keep in the refrigerator for up to a week. Remember, the bacon has no added preservatives. We recommend freezing it if you need to store it for longer than a week. The bacon will be wrapped in 5 one-pound bundles for easy freezing and defrosting.

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