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  • Smeralda Sardinian Bottarga di Muggine - Grated


Smeralda Sardinian Bottarga di Muggine - Grated

40 gram jar - Sardinia, Italy


Sardinian Bottarga di Muggine yes! Bottarga!

Female fish sacrifice themselves to give their roe pouches so that they can be massaged gently to remove any air pockets and then the pouches are salted, pressed and dried for weeks. In that time, hard blocks of roe- Bottarga are created and are often vacuumed sealed in plastic or coated in beeswax.

All Bottarga taste different, based on the species of fish, and the waters they come from. And they are also the same too. Think rich, savory umami, backed with some funk and fish. All of this is without any scaly fish feel. More like a smooth soft feel.

To the nose you get a fish-ee-ness and to the finish, when straight-up, the same. When combined with a simple olive oil and pasta it takes on a dynamic amazing supporting role.

Tweaking all the buds in your mouth to open up and enjoy the oil, the pasta, the garlic (if you brought some along) and suddenly it’s no longer funky fish, but more like you’re a cool Dancing Queen to Abba.

This already grated Bottarga di Muggine is ready to go with a pinch or a sprinkle on flatbread with a good olive oil, on bread with butter, topping a risotto, tossed on steamed vegetables, shaken on eggs, or finishing spaghetti pasta!

Keep in mind this is not a replacement for freshly grated bottarga! Simple to use and it adds the hint of bottarga you want.

ingredients: Bottarga di Muggine