Sea Salt Shapes from Giant to Fine


Salt – as no one says – is as old as the sea. As a flavor enhancer, salt is most likely the most popular and commonly-used seasoning in the world.

Salt has a mystical history and is invoked in writings, poems, rhymes and superstition. You need salt for good health, and salt is used for purification and for healing. Salt is so common in our lives that we often don’t even notice it.

Salt, like sugar, and not surprisingly, has its own flavor and personality. All salts do not taste the same. Some are sweet, and some are super-salty. And if you know the body of water a salt comes from, it may actually taste familiar. I once tasted a sea salt from the state of Maine, and it tasted just like the water I used to drown in when I was a child. Large mouthfuls of salt water create a lasting memory.

Finding a sea salt that tastes really good has been a lot harder than it used to be when we started some 20 years ago. Back then, every salt we tried tasted good, and we chose based on the uniqueness of the salt’s character.

Today we choose based on taste first. We want a salt that is salty without imposing an unknown taste.

We tasted a ton of salt in our pursuit of an everyday sea salt, and we have chosen this salt from Sardinia.

It fits the bill for everyday use for a number of reasons. Argei Le Fattorie Renolia Sale has a good, clean flavor, not leaning one way or another, and there are 4 different grinds to choose from. What this means is that all 4 come from the same salt beds and have identical flavor profiles, so if you enjoy the profile, you can use any of them and be pleased with the results.

And keep in mind that salt is good for keeping evil spirits away. It is Buddhist folk tradition to throw salt over your shoulder before entering your home to ward off any evil spirits that may be clinging to your back after a funeral. And if you are Christian, tossing salt over your left shoulder is a general way to keep them at bay.