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  • San Giacomo Essenza Balsamic - 40 ml


San Giacomo Essenza Balsamic

40 ml/1.35 fl oz - Italy

Andrea has created this hidden gem. A sophisticated Balsamic with the personality of a Red Seal Tradizionale. Beautiful!

This exquisite balsamic, Essenza is velvety smooth with a lingering tang and flavor, making it a perfect complement to creamy desserts, meat and well-seasoned cheeses.

Essenza is made from cooked-down grape must aged in small wood barrels. Distinguishing it from other balsamics, it is aged on the second floor of the barn of the Acetaia (traditional vinegar making establishment), allowing it to benefit from Italy's summertime heat, which concentrates and improves its structure and aroma.

About the Producer

Even though the company is young, the Acetaia of Ancient San Giacomo was old with barrels of the black gold already in excess of 50 years when it began its commercial life a few years ago. In the mid 1990s, the work of maintaining the acetaia and producing its noble liquid was taken over by Andrea, a lawyer by trade, including another barrel-by-barrel move to the attic of his own modern house. It wasn't until the late '90s that Andrea was convinced to use his precious patrimony to produce Balsamic Tradizionale.

The long years of work, a true labor of love, for Andrea was rewarded by three certifications, Red for minimum 12 years of aging, Silver for 18 years aging and Gold for 25 years of aging.


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the best balsamic i've ever tried the flavours were amazing.
by denise ferron