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  • San Giacomo Essenza Balsamic (100ml)


San Giacomo Essenza Balsamic Vinegar
100 ml
- Reggio Emilia, Italy (USDA Organic)

Andrea has created this hidden gem. A sophisticated San Giacomo Balsamic with the personality of a Red Seal Tradizionale. Beautiful!

This exquisite Essenza balsamic vinegar is velvety smooth with a lingering tang and flavor, making it a perfect complement to creamy desserts, meat and well-seasoned cheeses.

Essenza balsamic vinegar is made from cooked-down grape must aged in small wood barrels. Distinguishing it from other balsamics, this balsamic vinegar from Italy is aged on the second floor of the barn of the Acetaia (traditional vinegar making establishment), allowing it to benefit from Italy's summertime heat, which concentrates and improves its structure and aroma.

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Essenza is thicker and more mature
This balsamic has changed. From subtle elements that danced in your mouth, it never quite cut it for all around use. It is now still the same very sophisticated flavor profile that you only see in a truly "aged" balsamic, with the added syrupy thickness normally only found in bottles that are much much older! This slender bottle is very very special.
Vinegar at its best
Simply love the product, delicious and worth the price. Try it you won't be disappointed.
by Joy
San Giacomo Essenza Balsamic Vinegar blends of ingredients clearly set this one apart. It's flavor and texture truthy makes this one, among the best. You will relish this one. I do. Thank you.
by Rochelle