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San Giacomo Saba
250ml -
Emilia Romagna, Italy

This wonderful elixir comes to us from Andrea Bezzecchi of Acetaia San Giacomo, a maker of wonderful balsamic vinegars. Saba is a true grape must - crushed whole grapes, skins, seeds and all - that has been cooked down to perfection.

Serving Suggestions:
Saba's raisiny, carmel flavor make it a perfect dessert topping - try Saba grape syrup with ice cream, cheese cake, fresh fruit, panna cotta, rice or tapioca pudding, flourless chocolate cake, crepes... the list goes on. It is classically served wtih soft or semi-firm cheeses, or try adding it to your homemade salad dressings.

About Saba:
Saba is created at the beginning of the balsamic making process. The grapes are crushed and the juice is boiled down to a syrupy consistency. Cooked over an open fire, the grape sugars caramelize and the flavors concentrate. It has a refreshing flavor and thick consistency — sweet to the taste, but no acidic bite. This organic grape syrup can be used instead of balsamic in cooking, or use it to make into a saba spritzer or pour it over ice cream. Yum!