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  • San Giacomo Aceto di Vino


San Giacomo Aceto di Vino (Wine Vinegar)
500 ml bottle
- Italy


One of the finest vinegars we have ever seen. Using local Lambrusco wine grapes, makes this is a rare vinegar indeed.

It jumps off the spoon with the punch of vinegar (8.3% acidity) but quickly dissipates as the flavor rolls across your palate with a sweetness. I don't mean sugar sweet, but a wine like sweetness. Where some vinegars make a pronounced statement, this one comes across as a refined, complex, and very friendly.

From the moment your mouth is exposed to the flavors, you find yourself trying to describe and explore the nuances that this vinegar has.

It is not for everyone, given the high acid level, but if you know your vinegars, this is one that you should add to your cupboard. More than once I have seen a person close their eyes right after this elixir touches their palate. And it's not from a sharpness typical of some vinegars, but from bliss.

From Andrea of San Giacomo, who is a perfectionist of everything he produces, this wine vinegar is like his Traditizonale, in that it is very, very special.

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