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  • San Giacomo Balsamic Condimento


San Giacomo Organic Balsamic Condimento
250 ml
- Reggio Emilia, Italy

Using the same process like the Tradizionale, this real Italian balsamic vinegar is produced solely from cooked-down grape must, carefully aged and fermented in barrels of various woods. 

The nose of this medium-thick condimento balsamic vinegar opens both sweet and tart, with notes of molasses and hints of fruit. Sweet and fruity on the tip of the tongue, a pleasant amount of acid creates an interplay of sweet and sour on the mid-palate that is a sheer pleasure. This delicious condimento leaves one with the impression that the balance of sweet and sour leans slightly to the sweet.

Serving Suggestions
San Giacomo's balsamic condimento is wonderfully versatile. Andrea Bezzecchi of San Giacomo suggests it for salads, grilled meats, young cheeses, and ice cream…and we could not disagree.

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