• SOMA Plum Crumble Bar
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SOMA Plum Crumble Bar

33 gram bar - Toronto, Canada

Plums and oat almond maple and honey crumble on top.

What fun. Lots going on here. It's more than a bar. It's kinda of a bundle of plum-cobbler in a bite, with maple syrup, oatie crumble and plum. It equals joy!

Another one of SOMA's "fruit bars" that balances the intense sweet and tart flavor of ripe plums with the delicious topping of oats and almonds and honey and whisky-barrel-aged maple syrup, with the creamy-ness of the cocoa butter pulling it all together. Like the other "fruit bars", the magic comes with the intesity of the fruit flavor, the crunchy sweetness of the topping, and the creaminess of the cocoa butter - like white chocolate with without the dairy. Together you feel like you're eating home-made plum crumble, but in a bar and without the gluten.

ingredients: Cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, plum, almonds, oats, sunflower oil, maple syrup, honey, salt.