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  • Rock Hill Ranch Organic Olive Oil



We are sorry to say, KATZ Rock Hill Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil will not be available for 2021!


There was a virtual crop failure on the Ranch and sadly there was no harvest. Mother Nature, as always, had the last say and the combination of climate change and the alternate bearing nature of olive trees left us without fruit to make this oil.


We look forward to producing this offering again for 2022!

Katz Rock Hill Ranch Organic Olive Oil

375 ml
Organic - Suisun Valley, California 

2019 pressing available now

Rock Hill Ranch

Organic Olive Oil that makes you Cough!

2015/16 Tasting Notes
To the eye: A light yellow with hints of green.

To the nose: A green grassy note with a hint of vegetable.

To the mouth: The first gulp is full and filling, rich in flavor with lots of olive running through it. Perhaps I took too big a swig, but the peppery kick is vibrant, tingling & quite wonderful. On the second swig, there's a lot of open flavor with a lot of vapor with it too. Artichoke, asparagus, olive is all present. With only a hint of bitterness on the edge of the tongue, this oil has really developed into something quite special this year. I think it is indeed the best of the year so far. This oil has a lot of personality!

The most distinctive part of this oil is that it seems to dance on your tongue. It's as if the juices of the olive are being squeezed just on the tip of the tongue, and the freshness of a perfect olive comes alive. Enjoy it, as it's a brief fleeting moment, yet refreshing and has you craving more.

That freshly crushed olive flavor spreads out across your tip of the tongue and then, like a fast moving fog, moves through your mouth followed by the slight burn the back your throat, and then the much anticipated cough.

As it vaporizes in your mouth, in between coughs, you get this wonderful banana/fruity (Albert thinks it is artichoke/almond) feel that is very light and full of life (fragrant and green). It’s quite interesting. And with each taste more nuances make it quite an exploratory mission.

Rock Hill is like some of the great Greek oils from ancient groves that seem almost flat at first taste, perhaps overwhelming our senses initially are in fact very complex, even while being subtle at the same time. Rock Hill is more rounded this year than the year’s past or perhaps it is better described as less “in-your-face”. This olive oil has all the right notes to be distinctive, yet not dominating.

Added value for organic extra virgin olive oil: In a study from the University of Louisiana examined the effect of oleocanthal. It’s this phenylethanoid; a phenolic natural compound that (may) causes the burn in the back of the throat and ultimately the cough. It’s this compound that is tied to olive oil being an anti-inflammatory.

And though it easy to liken it to a drug that helps with joint pain, in this recent study there is some evidence that it might in fact help with some elements in how the brain functions. In very simple terms, beta-amyloid proteins form plaques disrupting nerve cells in the Alzheimer’s disease, and olive oil phenols help in removing this protein.

I love this oil!

Another Gold Medal for Rock Hill!
Just in: Katz' Organic Rock Hill rakes in a number of gold medals. Rock Hill was, hands down, the winner of all the winning olive oils at the seventh annual Yolo County Fair. Not only did it win gold medals for Best of Class and Best of Show, it won the brand new Patty Bogle-Rancoroni Award -- the "Best of the Best" award! Congratulations Albert and Kim!

If you haven't tried Rock Hill, you don't know what you have been missing! While you could argue that many California oils are trying to be Italian, this oil is very much it's own oil. Distinctly unusual, and with it's own personality, it is an oil to have and to own.

Read my random rambling review here.

Gold Medal Winner at the 2007 Yolo County Olive Oil Tasting! Rock Hill Ranch was selected out of over 500 oils from 18 countries - and only 20 golds were given to oils domestically grown. Additionally, Rock Hill has collected over 9 gold metals.

Katz Rock Hill Ranch Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is organically produced (CCOF certified) with sustainable farming methods. All of the fruit for the oil is grown in the Suisun Valley, which is bordered on its northwestern flank by the Napa Valley. This historic area has been an active agricultural region since the 19th century and is also a recognized appellation for wine grapes.

Here lies Rock Hill Ranch, an area of loamy soil - full of sand and clay - ideal for growing olives. The hills surrounding the valley contain compacted volcanic ash called "tuff," or tuffo in Italian. These are similar soil conditions to those that the Tuscans point to for making Tuscany the "best" region for growing olives.

About the Oil
Hand-harvested and bottled unfiltered, this fresh-flavored oil has an expansive nose of artichoke, almonds and herbs with a lush mouth feel and a pleasantly pungent finish. A worthy successor to the previous of gold-medal winners, it complements simple fish and vegetable dishes, makes an authentic pesto, and a balanced and fruity dressing for greens. It proudly bears the California Olive Oil Council's "certified extra virgin seal," your assurance of authenticity and high-quality.

About the Producer
Albert and Kim Katz have completed their third transitional year for all of their olives using organic and sustainable farming practices. They are proud to have made this commitment, and we are thrilled to further our longtime support of organic farming.

Katz Rock Hill Ranch EVO is made from Taggiasca and Casaliva cultivars (70%), which are native to the Ligurian and Lombardy regions of Italy respectively; both are grown on the Rock Hill Ranch. These varieties are both noted for their soft and persistent fruitiness with sweet overtones, producing a lush mouth feel. The remainder of the blend is the Leccino cultivar (30%). This Tuscan cultivar is grown up the road from the Katz's Rock Hill Ranch and added to give the finished oil its green hue and classic grassiness and herbaceousness. 

All of the olives are handpicked and taken to an olive mill operated by a Jesuit Monk who has made it his "mission" to mill the best oils under the most pristine conditions. A modern two-phase press is used without any additional heat at any step in the process - often some heat in the form of hot water is used to increase yields. All of their oils are cold-pressed in the truest sense of the word.

For more information about olive oil and how to make sure you are buying a good one, ready our article, "The Inconvenient Truth About Extra Virgin Olive Oil" here.

Note about harvest dates: In the nothern hemisphere, olives are harvest and pressed between October and December.  Which means the current harvest is actually last year. So, for example, if we are in 2017, the current harvest year is 2016. 


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Gold Medal Winner for a reason
This is a full robust, smooth, talented, rich, sophisticated oil. Perhaps the best of the best for this year! It has the characteristics of a mature oil, meaning it comes from trees that are older and their soil is rich and good. You can't do wrong with this oil! It can finish any dish from popcorn to pasta!
by Shopkeeper