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  • Prunes - Pitted - Agen


Prunes - Pitted - Agen

250 gr/ 8.8 oz box -
Agen, France, Pruneaux d'Agen

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Natures Amazing Candies!

Prunes may have a bad rap unless you're older, and even then… If you're caught eating prunes, people assume that you're superior to them; that is to say, you're stuck up. 

But it’s not true! People who eat prunes are good, everyday people -- just like you! 

Pruneaux d’Agen (that’s French, "for the very best.") are not the shriveled up, dried up, tough-skinned plums you envision. No, these pitted dried prunes are nature's finest candy; naturally sweet, easy to chew, and of course, easy to digest! 

First, we must start with the Ente plum, which is grown in the Aquitaine region of (SW) France. Next, the plum is slowly oven dried, which results in a concentration of the sweet flavor. And then, they are steamed gently back to moistness! It is the hands of the artisan that distinguishes one from another, and why we love these the moist. I mean, most. 

So let's keep these prunes moving! Order up and eat ‘em. They are not just for the aged, they are also the young at heart! Eat for good health! Eat good food! Eat simply, Live well! 

California is the source for most of the prunes in this country, but France is the home of the most splendid prune of all, the celebrated Pruneaux d'Agen. Special plum trees in the heart of orchard country in the Lot-et-Garonne region of southwestern France are cultivated exclusively for prune-making. 

With their micro-thin skins, they are absolutely melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and just as good for snacking as they are for either sweet or savory dishes, like Bruce Aidells' and Denis Kelly's Braised Pork with Port and Prunes, or rich North African-style tagines, incorporating warm spices like cinnamon or allspice with prunes and meat, often lamb. 

What's so special these about Agen prunes?!

They come from plums that are a hybrid of a local fruit and the exotic damask plum, first brought to France from Syria in the 12th century. The plums are shaken from the trees, dried first in the sun and then finished in a barely warm oven. The result is a large, plump prune with a deep spicy aroma and rich, lovely flavor - a summer harvest that's ready to be enjoyed all winter long!

Perfect, plump Agen Prunes in their naked form. No intervention needed.


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Amazing prunes!
These are so creamy and flavorful!
by Naomi
Soft, sweet, delicious!
These are the most delicious prunes I have ever had! Soft, sweet, and flavorful ... I will definitely be ordering again!
by karen