• Prestat Ruby Chocolate Thins
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Prestat Ruby Chocolate Thins

200 gram box of thins - UK

Delectably delicate discs of Ruby Red Chocolate! 

Ruby Chocolate is the “fourth” chocolate flavor. Dark, Milk, White and now Ruby! 

The color of Ruby Chocolate is pastel and subtle, yet it seems loud because it is ruby red. 

This chocolate is different and it’s very pleasing. It is not sweet white and it’s not the bitter dark or the creamy milk chocolate. Yet it shares the character with all of them, it is almost a blend, a family feeling if you will, with the others. 

You get a nice snap from these thins. Your first bite will compel you to melt the chocolate with your tongue on the roof of your mouth in lieu of chewing it up. 

It is sweet with a smooth feel and a “rosy”, “cherry”, fruity flavor along the edge of the tongue with a hint of wine notes at the finish. 

The rosy flavor is very satisfying! One disc will please and with a hot cup of coffee it’s perfection!