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Heat Just Right
Used these chili flakes in place of our regular chili powder to make "Chili." The result was fantastic - absolutely delicious. The flakes seemed to disappear into the meat and sauce, but the great flavor came through. Not too hot.
by Bobby Hooks
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Peruvian Aji Panka Red Chili Flakes

1.76 oz jar - Peru

Scoville Heat Units: 500

Anji Panka!

The Aji Panka is the mildest of the three, I would still caution you as you take your first whiff. It might be best to let the smell drift into your nostrils. At first it will seem like the other red chili flakes you've recently had, yet there is more.

The aroma has layers, the first layer is familiar, perhaps it is the combination of all the smells, and there is a deep tone, a dark, rich red feel, as if it is the base and a bit earthy. And there is the middle layer, swirly, as it rotates around, the one that tickles the most and then the top layer has some nice citrusy notes.

Use the Aji Panka red chili flakes with abandon for lots and lots of heat (as hot goes the panka is mild, 500 SHU) or use sparingly for a nice deep flavor twist to spice it up.

Fabulous heat that explodes the flavors in your mouth, without the total meltdown of your sensory system! The way hot should be!

These Peruvian chilies are picked-at-their-peak and then carefully ground into flakes to retain their exquisite flavor and pungent qualities.