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  • Penne Rigate Pasta - Sapori di Napoli


16 oz Naples, Italy

Penne Rigate hails from the Campania region in southern Italy, and these ridged tubes have pointed ends like the "quills" they were named for. Traditional production methods ensure superior texture and flavor, and Sapori di Napoli Penna Rigata are perfect for capturing both the quick-cooked and the slow-simmered tomato sauces so prevalent in this region, where the tomato is a culinary star.

About the Producer: Sapori di Napoli
In Italy's Campania region, pasta is considered art, ritual, culture, and history - especially in Naples and the towns and villages that surround it. The craftsmen at the Pastificio Artigianale Romita - located in the village of Borgo Reale di S. Leucio about 15 miles due north of Naples - produce their pasta Sapori di Napoli with the love and devotion of connoisseurs.

The skill and experience of the Master Pasta Makers are paramount; they employ traditional production methods now abandoned by industrial pasta makers. Starting with just the purest water and semolina from hand-selected durum wheat - whose low ash and high gluten content create superior texture and flavor - they work the dough by hand before extruding it through bronze dies in the traditional manner. The pasta is then dried slowly under controlled low-temperature conditions from 24 to 92 hours depending on the shape. This slow drying leads to uniform absorption of water during cooking and a perfect "al dente" on your plate.