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York Garbanzo

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Chutney Classic Chutney
The daddy of all chutneys, this is a very traditional dark fruity chutney. It goes with everything from cheese to cold meats to shepherds pie. No cheese sandwich should be allowed to go out undressed without Westmorland Chutney, and no order would be complete without a jar of this.
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Reed Avocado

Palouse farmlands Fresh Beans make a difference!
Pacific Northwest Farmers Co-Op is made up of family farms, generations old, spanning over a 100 years. Located in Idaho and Washington states in an area called the Palouse, an area that is ripe for sustainable farming. These naturally formed rolling hills make up what is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Hidden under the mounds is a Silty Loess, remnant from an ice age past, that store the winter snow melt to help water and feed the crops in the summer. With conscientious crop rotation, cover cropping, and minimal tillage, this careful stewardship of the land results in using almost 50% less fossil fuels per crop acre.

PNW produces seed-to-market-traceable, verified non-GMO, Kosher lentils, split peas and garbanzo beans.

1209 York Street garbanzo beans York Street Garbanzo
You already know the York Street Garbanzo beans in the Clipper Ship bag. Touted as a favorite of Food & Wine magazine, these creamy, white Kabuli beans are wonderful in soups and salads and make a pretty mean hummus.

If you know your chickpeas, (garbanzo, ceci, or other names,) you know that they are a bean that packs some good protein punch. Many varieties, from white and green, to tan and black, are grown worldwide. A domesticated food source since as early as 3500 BC, it has been found to help control blood sugar and insulin secretion, and is as an excellent source of fiber. According to some studies, chickpeas are the best bean for controlling total cholesterol and triglycerides.

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Pedrosillano cafe garbanzo beans Pedrosillano Café Garbanzo
The bean we are introducing today is the Pedrosillano Café Garbanzo. Smaller in stature than their brother, the York, they swell to the challenge by 15% after soaking. These really smooth beans, with a bit of nuttiness, are a favorite with chefs wanting to make the very best hummus. As versatile as all garbanzos are, they also are great in salads and soups.

How are these different than the commodity beans you see in the market? Traceable and fresh. From planting to harvest, from bagging to us, every bean has a route we know! It's this freshness that makes them better. I expect the natural growing process doesn't hurt either.

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Hawkshead rum butter topping Rum Butter Hard Sauce
A traditional Lakeland specialty, butter flavored with real rum and mixed with cane sugar, use it on freshly baked scones for a tea time treat, or add it to a crumble topping for a special flavor. Or, dollop it on top of a scoop of hot plum pudding.

Classic hard sauce, this is a nice clean topping. NO additives means it's worth having in your cupboard for the long cold winter months. Spoon some into a mug, add a little of your favorite rum, top with boiling water. It makes for a wonderful hot buttered rum, easy as pie - or maybe even easier!

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Sliced Reed avocado and Honey Crisp Apple What we are eating
What a great time of year! First Reed Avocados and then shortly thereafter, the huge Honey Crisp Apples. Two fruits, both amazing representations of how good good food can be.

Unless you compare one apple to another, side-by-side, apples to apples, you may not be able to tell the difference. The Stennes Family selects their best apple orchard for the year for us, and then we get the biggest apples it grows. Often, the apples are too big for the "channel"; so big the grocer doesn't know what to do with them. At a pound and a quarter per apple, that's one big apple!

But it's not the size that impresses us every year, it's the taste, as well as how super crisp they are! Crunch away with an apple a day!

And speaking of big, the Reed Avocado is not only big on the outside, it is giant on the inside. Nearly three times the meat as a good size Hass avocado from south of the border. The pit and the skin, relatively speaking, are a much smaller percentage of the overall weight. Add to that the superior oil content and flavor, and you have an amazingly delectable feast.

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Desert Miracle

Wonderful lightness, filling the mouth with the feel of the Arbequina and indigenous Dahbia olives. It is a sweet oil, with a light almost hidden burn in the back of the throat. It's character of Spain is present, along with a bit of fruitiness.

Desert Miracle is produced on the El-Borouj Olive Estate. Of the three Aqullal's estates, this is at the lowest elevation of 320 meters, and also the most arid. The Aqallal's were quick to adopt modern technologies and best practices from all over the world. Israeli drip irrigation systems are used to parcel out the water, the Atlas Mountain's snowmelt contained in artesian wells. They have built Morocco's first covered water basin, covered to avoid evaporation from the sun, using German pumping technologies. In the interest of water retention, they have imported tons of volcanic rock from Latin America to mix into their earth. Most of their groves are high-density and Atlas has hired Spanish consultants to work out the planting design.

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Two great fruits
Both these fruits, if eaten every day, will help keep the doctor away.

And even if they didn't, both result in a splend’ish’ishness of pure flavor pleasure.

These two fruits are an excellent examples of how variety selection, growing conditions, the weather and, of course, the hands that grow them, make an enormous difference, and tastable contrast to what we are used to finding in the grocery store. It is how fruit should be! Catch the fruits of the fall, before it's too late!

Reed Avocados from Herman Ranch

Huge Honey Crisp Apples

Cooking Classes Coming Up

Cooking with Heritage Grains
Learn how to make Quinoa, Emmer, Black Nile Barley and Brown Rice - just to name a few. From appetizer to dessert, upgrade your plate with some exotic heritage grains, and bring some color, good taste and nutrients to your plate while you are at it. Five delicious recipes your whole family will love. Only a few spots left.

Master the Art of Chocolate Tempering
Learn some basics about where chocolate comes from, how it is made and how to select the right chocolate for your chocolate-making needs. This is the first of a three-class series. The more serious you are about chocolate, the farther down the chocolate class series you will want to go.

NEW: Classic Italian Pasta Dishes
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This Weeks Recipes

Garbanzo Bean Soup
Classic Italian soup recipe from Marcella Hazan.

Traditional Hummus Recipe
Traditional hummus recipe. A great way to add garbanzo beans to your daily life.

Roasted Ceci Beans
Perfect recipe for the Pedrosillano Garbanzo beans. Classic southern Italian recipe not to be missed. So easy and so good.

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