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  • Paqu Jaya Native Peruvian Chili Sauce


Paqu Jaya Native Peruvian Chili Sauce

220 gram bottle - Peru

Finding Spicy
It’s a cool refreshing treat,
it’s a taste that’s got some heat!

These chili sauces have some serious punch and spiciness that can give you a good burn. I would use caution before you down a spoonful of it for testing. Your nose is going to give you a warning that there is some delightful heat packed in there.

It’s not hard to find super spicy, blow your senses out heat. It is much harder to find heat that allows you to still taste the food. And even harder to find one that has great heat that an even a not-so-spicy person would enjoy.

And that is what we think is inside these 220 gram ready-to-squeeze bottles!

Think eggs, think soup, think chili, think brisket, think dogs and burgers, think avocado, think burrito, think stir fry, think dumplings, think steak, think a line on a plate, think mac and cheese, bringing a freshness to your food!

These are the two to choose from.

The El Peruano, Peruvian Native (Red) Chili Sauce is smoky with a tingle on the tip of the tongue and a tickle across the upper throat. And then a cavity of expanding vibrancy. It has a nice sweetness from the honey and mangoes and a complexity from the two type of chilis, grown by Inca farmers in the south of Peru. With caution it is quite tasty and will cause the pores to open on your head. Choose both if you like hot and like the freshness that chilis give to food.