Order now for Holiday delivery - don't delay. Panettone are selling quickly. In fact, as you can see from all the "sold out" ones below, we are down to the last few cakes; but NEVER FEAR, there are reinforcements coming! Hopefully as soon as later this week. So, a few of the flavors will get "turned back on" as soon as they arrive. PLUS, there are a few NEW flavors that will be available only in the store. So, if you live in Seattle, stop by soon and try (and buy) something new - and let us know what you think - and if we should carry then next year.

Panettone -- this famous Italian Christmas Bread for sale -- is like no other. We work with four panettone producers: Albertengo, Cova (now called Breramilano), Borsari and Flamigni.  All produce amazing cakes and wrap them beautifully. I often get people in my store who say they do not like panettone from Italy. Without a doubt, many have experienced the high-volume, low-cost, extremely dry cakes that are available in every store in Italy -- and in many stores here. Let me be the first to tell you that THOSE panettone and THESE panettone are not the same thing. It takes time, art and quality ingredients -- including lots of butter and lots of egg - to make fine quality panettone. These all pass my panettone test.

Photographs are updated as soon as panettone arrives from Italy. Packaging does change without notice from the bakers. When in doubt or concern, please call us and we can confirm or not. As always please order as soon as you can. We sell out of many of the panettone before December. Expecting to ship Panettone in the last week of November or the first week of December. Remember this Cake/Bread has an inner non-permeable bag inside the beautiful wrapping and keeps un-opened well into the New Year and beyond. So get your New Years Panettone too!

Note for 2018:  There are 38 different panettone/pandoro Italian Christmas breads for sale this year - including new ones that do not have photographs yet - or descriptions, because we have not tasted them yet.  Most new products are always very limited supply.  We will get photos up as soon as we can. But if it sounds interesting to you, I would reserve yours today.

All panettones from Italy are 1 Kilo (2.2 pounds) except those marked as small. Small are 1/2 kilo (1.1 pounds).

Call to ask about our volume discount for 6 cakes or more shipping to a single address