The quintessential Italian holiday bread or cake, panettones are everywhere in Italy during the holiday season.  But there is a GOOD panettone, and there is a TYPICAL (generally not-so-good) panettone.  And of course, we only sell the good stuff. What makes Panettone good? It’s the quality of the ingredients, natch! But mostly, it’s the butter! Cheap panettones are made with both low quality and not enough butter, leaving them REALLY dry; like a desert exploded in your mouth. So, if you've tried panettone before, and you didn't care for the experience, then you probably did not have one of the truly good ones. We have one of the biggest selections of panettone you'll find - over 30 flavors - some more traditional (like classica, moscato, and the fruit-less Pandoro), and some not-so-traditional (like lemoncello, pistachio cream and Gran-Chocolato).  But all delish!

All panettones from Italy are 1 Kilo (2.2 pounds) except those marked as "small". Small panettone are 1/2 kilo (1.1 pounds). There are a few 3/4 Italian cake Panettones as well - which are noted in the product description.

Our Italian Christmas bread Panettones are generally available during the Holidays only.  If seeking Panettone other times of the year, check out our Colomba - available at Easter time.

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