• Albertengo Panettone with Apricot


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This is an awesome product!
This cake is so light and fluffy, it seems like you are eating clouds. And the taste is delightful! A must have for holiday tables!
by Melissa
So very good.
Hi There, next to my Sweetie's Home made sweet rolls, this panettone is superb. Dense without being heavy and loaded with yummy bits of apricots. Lightly toasted or "raw" this is a delicious treat. Cheers and Merry Christmas to all.
by Billy Bob
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Albertengo Apricot Panettone

2.2 pounds (1 Kilo) - Italy

Instead of the usual raisins and candied citron, this wonderful panettone from Albertengo - Master Panettone Maker - is studded with chunks of local apricots, whose slight tartness is the perfect complement to the rich sweet bread surrounding them. Like all the wonderful panettone from Albertengo, this apricot panettone is light and buttery, has a soft texture with no icing that will melt in your mouth. Just like the lemon, everyone loves the one fruit breads!

Perfect for the panettone lover in your life.

Note: Packaging may vary slightly from year to year.