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Flamigni Candied Chestnut Panettone

2.2 pounds - Italy 

Marron Glace (candied chestnuts) is a traditional Italian treat around the holidays.  But rarely do we see them in a panettone this good! Not what you would think ... lightly levened panettone bread with bits of sugared sweetness - there is nothing like it. Plus, this Italian Panettone dessert is so beautifully wrapped.  Perfect for chestnut lovers everywhere.

ingredients: Wheat flour, Maron Glaces (21%) (chesnuts, glucose-fructose syrup, sulfer dioxide, saccharose, concentrated lemon juice), butter, sugar, egg yolks, natural mother yeast, emulsifier: natural mono and di-glycerides of fatty acid - sunflower lechithin, invered sugar syrup, salt, wheat malt, natural flaovrs, vanilla extract



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Flamigni Candied Chestnut Panettone
I love Panettone. I love chestnuts. Eating this is like a slice of heaven. It is rich, moist, flavorful and studded with the right balance of candied chestnuts. While they say it is new this year, I ordered one last year, thus my reason to order one again this year (and more than likely next year as well). It is difficult to wait until Christmas to eat it, but I will wait. Unfortunately, I have to share it with my family.
by Judith