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  • Albertengo Arancia Cioccolate - Orange and Chocolate Panettone


Albertengo Orange & Chocolate Panettone

 2.2 pounds (1 kilo) - Italy

A great specialty, rich with naturally candied orange pieces and drops of pure, dark chocolate. Orange and Chocolato in the mixture gives to this Panettone an inimitable taste. A wonderful taste of rich, naturally candied orange pieces, drops of pure plain chocolate, and Piedmont Hazelnut icing.

And then it is all hand wrapped and tied with a ribbon to give it a touch of originality and elegance. Perfect.

Instead of the usual raisins and candied citron, this wonderful panettone from Albertengo - Master Panettone Maker - is studded with candied oranges and bits of pure, dark chocolate. It is a wonderful combination of citrus and sweet chocolate - with great results. Like all the wonder panettone from Albertengo, this one is light and buttery, has a soft texture that will melt in your mouth.

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