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  • Flamigni Orange and Chocolate Panettone


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Flamigni Orange and Chocolate Panettone

1 kilo (2.2 pounds/1000 grams) 
Italy - over 80 year old mother yeast

Buttery Italian christmas bread, studded with bits of chocolate and candied orange - but no raisins. A classic combination often paired by chocolate-makers. But this time it's in a Panettone. Perfect for the Christmas breakfast, or try it in french toasts - where the chocolate bits will get all hot a melty. Yum! 

Flamigni Orange & Chocolate Panettone Ingredients: Cake: Wheat flour, candied orange peels (13%), butter, sugar, egg yolk, dark chocolate (7%), natural mother yeast, emulsifier (natural mono and diglycerides of fatty acids - sunflower lecithin,) inverted sugar syrup, salt, wheat malt, vanilla extract from Madagascar beans, natural flavors. Icing: Sugar, egg white, hazelnuts, rice flour, bitter almonds.

About Flamigni
Started by three brothers in the 1930's, Flamigni continues to make their panettone in the main square of Forli, Italy in the Romagna region of Italy. Flamigni has a knack for not only making classic panettone, but putting scrumptious taste combination together that are hard to resist. All their cakes are made the traditional way, with the original mother yeast, along with quality, all natural ingredients. Perfect!