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  • Breramilano Pandoro Classico


Breramilano (G. Cova) Pandoro Classico

1 kilo (2.2 pounds) - Milano, Italy

Traditional Italian sweat bread, made with the same yeast as the panettone, but without the candied fruit and without the raisins. One of Martha Stewart's favorites for making French toast, because of its fluted shape; when sliced horizontally, G. Cova Pandoro Classico makes a lovely eight-sided star-shaped slice.

About G. Cova
Pasticceria G. Cova & Co was established in Milano, Italy in 1930, and has been owned and operated by Giovanni Cova and his family ever since. Known for their quality ingredients and innovative combinations, Cova is the panettone maker for the stars, making pastries and panettone for some of the luxury global cruise lines and distinguished guests.