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  • Albertengo Lemon Panettone (half kilo)


Albertengo Sorrento Lemon Panettone

500 gr (1.1 pounds) - Italy

This smaller version of the Lemon Panettone is just as tasty as the bigger one.

The perfect housewarming gift, it's also not a bad idea to have it handy in the car just in case you end up in one of those awful holiday traffic jams. While everyone else is frowning, you'll be smiling!

Unlike the classic panettone that is studded with raisins and candied citron, this ethereal panettone from Albertengo - Master Panettone Maker - is made with lightly candied Sorrento lemons, and I swear that you can almost smell the heavenly scent right through the box.

Light and buttery, soft in texture, it will melt in your mouth, and the aroma and flavor of the Sorrento lemon will drive you to distraction.

It is the perfect dessert for that holiday feast or open house. Serve it with some espresso or Vin Santo, and Buon Natale!