The secret to making the perfect Italian bread panettone:

Mix and combine flour, your mother's yeast (over 50 years old), egg, butter, cane sugar, and fruit, and then let them spend the night together (leavening). 

Mixing in fruit or additional ingredients all happens before nightfall. The dough is then divided and rolled into a large ball. The "bolo" is then taken to a warm, humid room called the leavening chamber and rises.    The frosting is then applied (or not), typically this might include hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate, or sugar, along with egg white.    Then, into the oven for baking for around sixty minutes, depending on the size. For instance, an 8.8 pound panettone can take 4 hours! After baking, the cooling process takes hours with the panettone hanging upside down. The panettone are then hand wrapped in their signature holiday attire. That's the short version, total time can take days or weeks, quite a bit longer than that "loaf" you get at the grocer!

Note about packaging: Photographs are updated as soon as product arrives. Packaging does change without notice from the bakers. When in doubt or if you have a concern, please call us and we can confirm or not.

Volume discounts available when six or more Italian bread panettones are shipped to a single address.

Italian bread panettone is a seasonal product for us. They are here only in during holidays season. To buy panettone online: Click on each product to see if it's still available. Once a product is sold out, it's sold out for the year. 

When my daughter bakes something with this delicious cocoa – I will take a bite for you too!

— Thanks, Barry 😊