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Ortiz Mussels Escabeche

4 ox tin (10-14 pieces) - Spain escabéche

Ortiz Mussels

Mejillones en escabéche is exactly what it sounds like. Common tapas that you will find in Spain made of mussels in vinegar, spices, fried in olive oil.

Don't be fooled though by the can, the quality, and the taste, especially when made by Ortiz, in Spain some of the finest mussels are used to make Mejillones en escabéche. Whether poached or fried, seafood of all kinds can make Spanish escabéche. Like all of Ortiz's products, when you open the can you know you are about to have one of the finest foods on the planet!

Caught in the Ria de Arousa, a saline estuary in Spain, these mussels are quite special. Open a can and it's best to have a friend or two, or you eat them all. Just like candy, or like the potato chips, 'bethcha can't eat just one!"

Eat Ortiz mussels escabéche straight out of the can, lay them out in an oval dish as an appetizer, or place on a small piece of toasted bread. Simple and easy, yet top-notch for any connoisseur.