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Etruria Novello

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta


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Natural Vinegar wild fennel

cocoa nibs cocoa nibs

ground coffee ground coffee

san marzano tomatoes San Marzano Tomatoes
Grown in Italy, they are actually San Marzanos in the can! We have opened others and found impostors inside! Make sure to get what you are buying! We don't stockpile anything we carry. Deliveries come to us every week of almost everything we carry! Don't be fooled, even canned food can be better.
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Burgundy Snails burgundy snails

capers non-pareil-capers
Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Umbrian Novello Olive Oil

I have often said that a particular oil is my favorite. This is actually true, and not true. True, because often the last oil I've tasted becomes my favorite. Not true, because the oil I've had before is also my favorite. The reality we live in is that we always have at least five favorite oils at home to choose from, always. And, though I use lard and butter along with rice bran oil for lubrication, olive oil is more like an ingredient than the others, and I choose one over the other for it's participation properties with the food I am making.

Giuseppe's Etruria Novello Olive Oil is always a favorite with us. We have had his oils and vinegars for almost forever, and the reason is because everything he makes is top notch and real. He doesn't bring us Italian made, adjusted for the American market. He brings us a little bit of his hometown in his foods. His father still hand prunes the olive branches in the family orchards, and the oil tastes that way. Throughout the year Etruria's oil carries on the same characteristics as the novello, albeit a little less punchy, as you would expect, with very much the same flavor profile that the year starts with. This is not some oil made to go to "market", this is the same oil that Giuseppe's family uses at home.

Perhaps, his novello has the most nose of all the oils this year (it's interesting that the 2011 oils are less vaporous than previous years.) Its color is a deep yellow green. The mouth is filled with a buttery feel. Left to the air for a moment before swallowing a teaspoon, it seems the peppery kick is more pronounced. A smooth olive oil feel finishing with the edge of the tongue picking up the hint of olive bitterness. And finishing with a medium burn in the mid to back of the throat; a cough may ensue, but not always.

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Made in Italy pasta Grown & Made in Italy
Pasta! We have managed to bring it all in together (Actually, we really didn't have anything to do with it, it just happened.) So now is a good time to stock up on pasta. Though one shape and another shape are often the same mix of flour and water, I know people who swear that one tastes absolutely different than another.

This time of year, with the new oils, I like straight pastas, like bucatini or stringozzi. A simple preparation with a heavy dose of olive oil, parmigiano-reggiano, and a few capers or tuna sprinkled on top is great!

It's also a great time to make a really rich, thick, hearty sauce to combat the cold of the winter.... and a beefy pasta like Penne or Rigatoni is perfect for carrying the load.

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Top healthy foods Sardines

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Healthy Sardines!
Not just any health food, these little swimmers are packed with calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. Full of omega-3's and a full menu of B's, vitamins that is.

Open a can, and the healthiness is easy to eat. On a cracker or on toast, straight up. You can also mash them with a hot mustard and diced onions for a nice "spread". Add a little heat like pepper, or a little flower like endive. Topping with citrus in micro thin slices, like lemon are just right!

Either way, if you haven't tried it, it's worth it!

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  Olio Novello
Our Favorite!

green beans
Green Beans in a Pepper Vinegar!

Green Beans in a pepper infused vinegar, garlic and salt. What could be better?

They crunch when you munch. Hard to resist. You pull one out, and without a doubt, it's a treat that can't be beat!

Now we show it on a sandwich, in a salad, or on a plate as a cool side. But really, we have eaten every last one of the first sample jar just plain. It must be good for you and healthy too 'cause we crave them soooo!

Though it's a silent jar, every time I open it, there magically seems to be hands reaching in to have "just one"!

Mama Lils Shop Now for gourmet foods

Just-in-Updates - Party Saturday at the store!

Super Bowl this Saturday at the Store Party
Get ready, we will have suggestions and ingredient ideas to make an interesting party. Along with coffee and cannoli to sample we will have other suggestions too! Come with your ideas! New oils to try. Not a football fan because the 49ers lost? We will have a tea demonstration after 1PM.

Cooking Classes with Chef Lesa
Thinking about Valentine's day? Chef Lesa, a romantic at heart, will be doing Paris! Parisian Valentine Class that is. She will teach and show, a laugh and tell so to speak, the perfect treats to be made for that secret valentine!

This Weeks Recipes

Braised Fennel Recipe
Herbivoracious's Michael Natkin writes about braising and how easy it is to do. See the recipe here and a link to the "how to do it".

Apple, Blue Cheese with Carmelized Onion Pizza

Roasted Red Onion Wedges
From one of our standby cookbooks, The Italian Country Table from Lynne Rosetto Kasper.

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