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Fresh, Organic Plums and Pluots from Eastern Washington

about Stennes Family Orchards
The Stennes family has been growing premium certified organic fruit in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range in Washington State for over 115 years. The healthy soils, clean air and pure water in the Methow and Okanogan valleys have been the Stennes family growing ground since 1894, when Britanus Stennes, a Norwegian immigrant, settled in Washington State after a long and demanding journey by ship, wagon and horseback from his home country.

Britanus homesteaded 160 acres of fertile soil in the flat river bottoms and steep mountainsides of the Methow Valley. Soon after settling, Britanus planted apple trees on his land. That was the beginning of a multi-generational family fruit business. Britanus expanded and operated the orchard until the mid-1930’s, when his oldest son, Kermit, assumed the responsibilities for the fruit orchards. Kermit’s son, Keith, began managing the family fruit business in 1968, and has been responsible for the most recent expansion - including expanding the fruit varieties to include plums, pluots, and cherries - as well as apples.

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