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  • Oregon Growers Smoked Pepper Pate


This product is no longer being made by the producer as of 2/21/22

Oregon Growers Smoked Pepper Pate
    5 oz jar - Oregon

Smoked Pepper Paté

This is what you would call spicy, but manageable. Smoked pepper paté is a gelatin with a hot twist.

With a vinegar waft, it will make your nose twitch and your tongue tickle. And, until the jelly has dissolved, you won’t feel or taste the pepper.

With a spicy end taste, it’s more of a chuckle than a blazing hot finish. It’s more of a smoky presence than heat. It might be nice to finish a plate, like a nice steak or duck breast.

It would also go well with a firm white cheese that has a lot of spunk. A cheese that has a firmness as it crumbles apart.

Think more smoky than heat. It’s a pretty yummy little thing.