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Approximately 10 pounds of Wahoo Fish Fillets for Sale - usually 6-8 sides - Maui

This Wahoo fish for sale is meaty. As we have our first BBQ for the spring with a wonderful Ono grilled, everyone's first bite (or even Eliza at first SIGHT) says this is a meaty fish. And it really is. With rings like a tree in the flesh, running lengthwise, it is so very good. Our resident baker said, "I've never had a fish like this before." Flake it or eat it in big bites, Wahoo is not a shy fish. It needs you to take a bite! No smooshiness here!

So how did we prepare our fresh Wahoo fish fillets? We started by cutting into three sections. We then seasoned just before putting on the fire with a plain and simple, salt and pepper version, one with salt and pepper and meyer lemon oil and the last with salt and pepper with sorrento lemon oil.

Best way? Sorrento lemon oil and salt and pepper. A good Ono/Wahoo fish never needs more! And if we hadn't over cooked it, it would have been even better! One side on the BBQ five to seven minutes. The best way to cook this lean Ono fish is by poaching. 

Wahoo is a versatile fish that is especially good poached and can be substituted for Mahi-mahi in recipes. It is a lean fish suited to simple and brief cooking. It is also an excellent smoking fish, although the cost of fresh Ono often discourages this preparation.

Ono, the "gourmet's mackarel" (it is a close relative of the king mackerel) is usually sold directly to upscale restaurants in Hawaii and on the mainland, giving consumers few opportunities to experiment at home with this delicious fish.

Ono is a medium to small sized fish, growing to 8-30 pounds. 10 pounds of Ono usually translates to 6-8 fillets. It most readily available between the months of May and October.

Our special arrangement with Hawaiian fishermen ensures that your fish is caught, cleaned on the boat, and shipped directly to you from Hawaii within 48 hours. The fish are never frozen and are the freshest you can get without being in the islands yourself! The cost of the expedited shipping is included in the price.

Please note we generally ship fish Mondays and Tuesdays to arrive before the weekend.

You must pre-order your Ono by end-of-day Thursday for shipping the following week. Please indicate what ship week you would like if you are ordering farther in advance. We will ship early in the week to ensure the fish arrives before the weekend. You will be contacted by e-mail to confirm your order.

For more details or larger orders, call 1-800-596-0885 or email: shopkeeper@chefshop.com.

additional information:
- Price includes Priority Overnight shipping.
- We try to get as close to ordered weight as possible, and still maintain the integrity of the fish. Price is pro-rated to the closest tenth of a pound at the same per-pound rate.

- All Hawaiian Fish is shipped Priority Overnight. Locations east of the Rockies will take two days to arrive.
- It is important that someone be home to receive the fish when it arrives, to make sure it is refrigerated right away. It may be better to send it to a business address if you are not home during the