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Nishiji Sudachi Syrup

500 ml bottle - Tokushima, Japan

To the nose, Sudachi is a citrus fruit with an aroma that might be completely unfamiliar. To the eye, the syrup is an attractive pale yellow color. The fruit itself is picked when green in color, with a slightly orange-tinged greenish interior. They look like large round limes and they’re a specialty of Tokushima prefecture in Japan, but also grown in the US now.

The first sip is so delightful. It's a combination of familiarity –tastes a bit like lime, a bit like mandarin, a bit like yuzu, but with less acidity-and something totally new. Once you get past the citrus flavor, you experience a wonderfully balanced sweet-and-sour taste.

Trying to define the combination of flavors with the Sudachi juice, beet sugar, and apple vinegar is hard to do.

One could easily drink the whole bottle in just a few days.

You can use the Sudachi Syrup to make a refreshing sip of vodka, whiskey, gin, or sake, just by mixing it in. Or add a couple of drops to seltzer or beer! This flavor, like the yuzu syrup, can be added to a chocolate glaze or in a vinaigrette. 

ingredients: citrus sudachi juice, beet sugar, apple vinegar