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Candy Cane


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Cranberry Relish

Nettle jelly

Heritage Ham





Lemon Peel

Orange Peel


black rice

apple cider

Pernigotti Cocoa Powder
This dark, unsweetened cocoa powder is in a class unto itself. Pernigotti, the famed Italian chocolate maker, removes less fat from its cocoa (20-22% fat content), which results in a more intense and immediate chocolate flavor. This wonderful cocoa is Dutch processed and has a touch of ground vanilla bean. Our regulars know what a great cocoa this is!
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Reed Avocado

Wedding Out-of-the-box

Traveling can be a good thing for many reasons. From inside our little world, it's a great way of getting a view of the outside of our little box, and see what else is out there.

I had a conversation a bit ago with a man who is responsible for feeding hundreds of thousands of people every day, and who wishes the number was closer to a million, because that is how many people that are below the poverty level in his jurisdiction alone!

We were talking about how to make the dollar go farther than the 24 hour corner store hot dog. Today, we are generations away from knowing how to "cook" in the kitchen, where "cooking" is often defined as using a microwave oven.

As we see the world turn and become more and more "food-surrounded-by-a-box", it is nice to get out of our comfort zone and see what other foods people are thinking about and, in fact, what they are eating.

On this trip, food was not the focus, a wedding was the star, taking place in Connecticut.

We traveled to Mystic, where the movie, Mystic Pizza, took place. At a restaurant on the water I had a yam soup and it was very good. It seemed like the right dish given the cold weather and, besides, the color matched the time of year. It was topped with caramelized apples, and they provided the perfect contrast in flavor.

Dunkin Doghnuts .

The best meal on our trip was breakfast after the wonderful wedding. Not just because my sister made eggs, or because the usual plethora of bagels, or left over wedding cake, but because of an east coast thing ... dozens of Dunkin Doughnuts. Everyone was saying, "I haven't had these in ages!" People were eating half-a-doughnut for the memories, or a doughnut hole for the theoretical fewer calories. Inevitably, though, everyone had a favorite story of lost summer love, or working at the doughnut shop and how the experience made them fat. All memories conjured up by Dunkin Doughnuts! My whole doughnut went perfectly with my location-appropriate drip coffee ...

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Dairy Joe Raspberry Sherbet Soft Serve Dairy Joy memories
Of course, a trip "home" isn't complete without a trip to Dairy Joy. For me, it's a memory of long bike rides on a typically humid day just to treat myself to the best Reasberry Sherbet soft serve cone in the universe ... or at least on my very small planet. I love the flavor, the taste, the cool smooth feel, and the instant wash of memories. The roadside stand that the locals still come to for hamburgers and fries, onion rings and soft serve ice cream!

These three events are what food is all about; family, friends sharing food, and creating new and living memories.

It is these type of "memories" that we were trying to create through local produce and building a community food environment where we learn how to cook and share food culture with all.

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Uncle Joe's Mint Balls New, New, New, and Uncle Joe's Mint Balls
We have a new Harissa! Smoother, a touch milder, and like Mustapha’s, great! If you imagine how regional food can be, Harissa is very much this way in Morocco.

Snickerdoodle. So, the box is pretty and if you are under ten and over 60, these seem to be a cookie that evokes some kind of memory. I like them. They are a mouth full of flour and sugar, easy to pop in the mouth and consume. I am older than 10, so it must mean I am nearing 60!!

Don’t be fooled, same great almonds, just a new label you can actually see. This is an essential pantry item to have. And, when you can’t think of what to do with it, this almond paste is spoon-ready!

Three new bitters from Bittermens! Hellfire, Orange Cream, and Orchard Street Celery.

Uncle Joe's Mint Balls! They are back. Inside this very classic pry-top can is housed minty fresh mints, wrapped individually. So you can steal a couple for your pocket or purse, seal it back up, and give them away. No one will know. Or, skip the giving away and throw the can in the glove box for that long trip or when traffic is so bad, when they close the viaduct later this week!

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Chocolate Filled Candy Canes Chocolate Filled Candy Canes
Just in this week. Chocolate-Filled Candy Canes. We bought what we could, but this is the last year (unless they change their minds) for these fun treats. They are closing the local candy shop, and moving it far, far away. Buy in quantities of 24 and get the case price! Last year we sold out in two weeks and got more. This year, there is no more! Made right here in Kent, Washington, USA.

Shop now for the hand made candy cane filled with love!


fruit syrup
D'Arbo Raspberry Syrup

Wow. This syrup really tastes like raspberries. Nicely sweet, thickly syrupy, delicious. Not too sweet so that the flavor and tang of the raspberries still shines through. Perfect as a dessert topping, or in your bar pantry.

It was 1879 when Rudolf Darbo laid the foundations for a "fruit steamery" in Gorizia (now in Italy by the Slovenian border). That was the start of what is now one of the most successful companies in Austria's history. Some 50 years later, his son, Adolf Darbo, relocated the company in the Tyrolean village of Stans, concentrating his efforts producing quality syrups and bottling honey.

Oil Shop Now for Fruit Syrup!


Two great things
There is still time to order Reed Avocados from Herman Ranch, and Hard-Neck Garlic from Anselmo Farms. But not for too much longer. Only a few more weeks for both, and Marie just delivered a few pounds of Music and Zemo varieties - must have if you like your garlic on the spicy side.

Reed Avocados from Herman Ranch

Organic Hard-Neck Garlic

Cooking Classes Coming Up

Cooking the Winter's Farmer's Market
This is the time of year that the Farmer's Market starts to look kind of mono-tone, and your CSA box is struggling to be filled. When cabbage, kale and fennel prevail, and you are just about running out of things to make with all that winter squash. Well, don't despair! Chef Lauren can help you figure out how to make some scrumptious fare with all those winter veggies.

Master the Art of Chocolate Tempering
Learn some basics about where chocolate comes from, how it is made and how to select the right chocolate for your chocolate-making needs. This is the first of a three-class series. The more serious you are about chocolate, the farther down the chocolate class series you will want to go.

NEW: Classic Italian Pasta Dishes
Start your New Year off with a bang. Time to stick to your New Year's resolution and cook more at home in 2012. Sign up now for Chef Lauren's pasta class before they sell out!

This Weeks Recipes

Wild Blueberry and Cranberry Pie
A great combination of two classic fall fruits gives your pie a new twist, and makes a great addition to your Thanksgiving table.

Green Beans with Lemon and Pistachios
New twist on a classic Thanksgiving dish. Quick, easy and so good.

Mom's Turkey Stuffing
It's time to think about who's stuffing recipe you are going to make this year. For me, it's just not Thanksgiving without my Mom's classic stuffing.

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