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  • Mossy Bayou Swamp Scum Hot Sauce


Mossy Bayou Swamp Scum Hot Sauce

7 oz bottle - Louisiana


It started as a small family owned company located in Louisiana's Cajun Country. We met them, though I can't remember when. For them it all got started in 1994 when a Cajun friend shared a recipe for a hot sauce that had been in his family.  Mossy Bayou made a few minor changes and started making it at home for personal use and to share with friends.

They decided to call it "Swamp Scum" because of the unusual color that is caused by the "goodies" in it.

Friends encouraged them to "share". With limited distribution in the Bayou, Mossy Bayou then sent it to Chile Pepper Magazine for their national competition ... and were totally blown away when it took first place out of several hundred in the competition. Later that year in the fall they attended the Firey Foods Show in Texas ... and the sauce took 2nd place in a "blind" consumer's choice competition!

Now that's hot! Not bad for a product they made for themselves! The real deal! Perfect for the hot lover in your life!