Monthly Clubs or Subscriptions are a great way to try new things, without have to make any decisions.

You just pick a club that looks the most appealing to you, register, and then sit back and wait to recieve your monthly kit -- complete with key pantry ingredients and just the right recipes to go with.  Each monthly shipment builds on the prior month's shipment, so in the end not only have you mastered 6-10 deliscious recipes, but you have upgraded your pantry to-boot! (Assuming, of course, that you haven't consumed the pantry ingredients in the mean time - which is a BOG assumption, because the pantry ingredients are so yummy, you may not be able to resist!)

How it works:

1. Pick a Club or Sunscription from the list below, place it in your shopping cart and check out.

2. Every month we'll send you your kit, complete with just the right normal sized key ingredients (not sample sizes!) to successfully complete the recipe that's included.

3. Each kit builds on the last ones - so we make the assumption that you will still have some key ingredients from prior kits in your pantry when the next kit ships -- things like olive oil, sea salts, black pepper and vinegar.  After all, we know you don't really need 6 bottles of olive oil over six months, right? Of course, if you do consume all of something, you will have the opportunity to re-order that item about a week before the kit ships, and it will be included with your kit shipment at no extra shipping charge (That's kinda like free shipping - for club members only! Cool!)

That's it!  It's that easy.  And of course, if you have any questions, you can always call us.

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I'm so excited to learn about your site! May this be the first of many delicious orders. :)