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  • Moku Chocolate 60-Percent Goat Milk Bar


Moku Chocolate 60-Percent Goat Milk Bar

45 gram bar - Philomath, OR

Gold (US): 2021 International Chocolate Awards Winner for Micro-Batch Milk Chocolate Bar.
Silver (Americas): 2021 International Chocolate Awards Winner for Micro-Batch Milk Chocolate Bar.

Made with Sierra Nevada, Colombia beans sources from the Sierra Navada mountain range. The goat milk creates a delicious caramel flavor with a slight tang and a lovely smooth and velvety mouthfeel. Paired with the notes of cinnamon, honey, dark sugar, caramel and undertones of nuttiness of this particular bean is perfect.

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in Northern Colombia located 26 miles from the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Coast.  The cacao beans are sourced from a dozen family farmers in the area. The cacao trees are inter-cropped with walnuts, cedar, zapote, citrus, corn and beans - making the farming operation more sustainable and efficient.

Ella's Tasting Notes: The melt is immediate, releasing the velvety brown butter cream notes, followed by the tang of goat milk. The goat milk helps elevate the rich chocolaty flavor and adds intense notes of dark sugar and fleur de sel caramel.  The finish is reminiscent of a rich salted caramel chocolate pudding with brown butter shortbread crumble.

ingredients: cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic goat milk powder (whole goat milk, vitamin D, folic acid)


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Tangy and rich!
The Colombia origin chocolate is perfect for this goat milk bar. Creamy, rich and delicious, you'll want another bite. It's clear why this bar won Gold ... it's unforgettable!
by Ella
Best chocolate bar ever
This takes chocolate to a whole new level, superb! Underneath the chocolate, it tastes like caramel, coffee and tangy goat cheese (maybe?). Unusual, not to be missed!
by Naomi