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  • Mission Chocolate Limited Edition Catongo 70-Percent Dark Bar
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Mission Chocolate Limited Edition Catongo 70% Dark Bar

60 gram bar - Sao Paulo, Brazil


Fazenda Lajedo Do Ouro single origin bar from the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil.

Acelia received the cocoa beans that are in this bar in 2017 and wanted to wait some time for them to mellow out - in this case over 3 years. The variety of cacao used for this bar produces an orange colored dark chocolate. With that color also comes some high acidity that is characteristic of this cacao variety - Catongo, a naturally occurring albino mutation of Amelonado (Forastero) cacao that occurs in only one part of Brazilian state of Bahia. Waiting for the cacao to mellow and age for three years has given it the upper hand - and an intense creaminess.

The first thing I notice on opening this package is the strikingly light color of the bar. It appears to be a milk chocolate bar, which is not surprising given the white color of the Catongo beans. It’s also softer than most "dark" chocolate; it's in temper, but it lacks the sharp snap of most dark chocolate bars. It also melts rapidly - like butter - having an extremely creamy texture. The mouth feel could easily lead you to believe, again,that  this was a dark milk chocolate bar.

The chocolate quickly establishes a base flavor layer of nuts and cream with a shifting range of grape flavor notes - raisin, cooked raisin, muscat wine ... with balsamic undertones. Then honey and jasmine-like floral notes enter, with the added occasional hints of warm spices. The underlying nuttiness becomes more walnut in flavor. The aftertaste is reminiscent of unsweetened and warm spiced dried orange, leaving your mouth and throat with a pleasant acidity. The delectable aftertaste lingers for what seems like forever.

It's an unusual, rare, and intriguing bar. A rare find that may not be made again, and one that should be experienced by every chocolate connoisseur while the bar is still available.

ingredients: cacao, organic sugar, cocoa butter