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  • Markham and Fitz Cracked Cocao


Markham and Fitz Cracked Cacao

4 oz jar - Arkansas, USA


Cracked Cocao the cracked up pieces of the cocoa bean, but better - these are like chocolate-bourbon candy!

Cocoa nibs are the cracked up pieces of the cocoa bean. Not just any bean, however the beans are fermented and dried and then roasted before cracking up.

But these are special; coved in Bourbon-infused, spice-filled caramelized cane sugar - these nibs are even more than they are "cracked-up" to be!

Just because nibs are super duper nutritious, full of antioxidants that oxidize stress, (and who doesn’t need that right now?) these neurotransmitters can contribute to wellbeing and happiness, it still doesn’t mean you should eat them.

All of these “healthy” reasons are good reasons to eat them, but if it doesn’t taste happy, why would you?

We have always loved cocoa nibs (add them to baked goods to get crunch and a hit of chocolate) and caramelized cocoa nibs ( add them to baked goods, top ice cream, get crunch).

These Cracked CaCao take the nib to the next level. More fun to eat out of hand, sweeter and better for your happy brain.

To the visual they are bigger, clusters of nibs of varying sizes.

To the nose it smells like the shell of cocoa bean and a hints of the unknown.

To the mouth it is interesting. The bite is firm, while still being chewy. The feel is almost sharp, perhaps more edgy than sharp, and finishes with a dryness and bits to find and push with your tongue forward to your front teeth (to bite with a crunch.)

The flavor is like the nibs of cocoa. You get an extreme chocolate dryness of a 100% bar, without the excessive coating of all your senses. Instead you have a myriad of flavors, not one so clearly defined over another. Cooked in bourbon, sugar and spices makes these coco nibs on steroids.

And each morsel is slightly different than the next!

Crunch a morsel with your molars and then spread the ensuing bits across the cavity of your mouth with your tongue and you will get sweetness - maybe cinnamon, rich cocoa, weirdly sometimes citrus or is that the bourbon?!

How can anything so small and precious entertain so well? These are the most fun I have had in ages! They are not too sweet, just a cool refreshing little treat!

ingredients: Cacoa, organic cane sugar, bourbon, organic spices