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  • Mamnoon Zaatar


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Mamnoon Za'atar - 4 oz jar - Seattle, WA

Mamnoon Za'Atar spice blend: The spice of life.

Za’Atar is such a common Middle Eastern spice mix that one doesn’t consider it special. It is more like a given, like salt and pepper, or soy sauce, or mayonnaise.

Yet this Middle Eastern Spice mix is truly is special.

Ours comes from mamnoon, a local eatery here. What we like of this recipe is that the ingredients are not powders from some formula making spice house. Instead, you can see the ingredients in this Mamnoon Za'Atar spice blend with the naked eye. That’s why the jar is 3 times the size for the same number of ounces of other Za’atars.

It makes a difference. It's like a brain food.

There is no secret recipe on how or when to use this Middle Eastern spice mix. Mehdi says just simply use it with olive oil. Or dust it on a flat bread like pita, naan, or even focaccia. If you want to get fancy try it on a salad of tomato, cucumber, onions and olive oil. And of course use it as a condiment on proteins and vegetables.

The smell and then the taste with the hint of lemon makes you dream of hot bread covered in Za’Atar!

Mamnoon Za'Atar spice blend ingredients: thyme, salt, toasted sesame, sumac, lemon salt

Simple, yet aren't some of the best things exactly that?


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I received a sample of this at an America’s Test Kitchen event in Seattle last year and have been obsessed by it since. Use it on everything! It’s a culturally modern version of seasoning salt to elevate your food to the next level.
by Elisa