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  • Maffren Almond Paste Marzipan Fruit


Maffren Almond Paste (Marzipan) Fruit

80 gram package - France - en Pâte d’Amandes

Maffren Confiseur was est 1945 in Provence and continues to produce calissons, nougats, and since 1980, marzipan in the village of Poet.

Maffren Confiseur is a small company producing wonderful confections including the hand work it takes to make these marzipan delights.

Marzipan is a combination of finely ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. The oil of the almonds combined with the sugar and egg whites creates a smooth and pliable mixture that is easily shaped to make a ready-to-eat treat.

Almond paste and Marzipan have the same ingredients but in different proportions. While almond paste is 1 to 1 almond to sugar, marzipan is 1 part almond to 2 parts sugar. Keep in mind they are not the same; You can make almond paste into marzipan but not the other way around.

To make the fruits like you see here, you also would add food coloring and a lot of skill to get everything to look just right!


ingredients: almonds, sugar, icing sugar, glucose syrup, inverted sugar, E202, coating (shellac, flavor)

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