• Love Cocoa Maldon Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar
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Love Cocoa Dark Chocolate with Maldon Sea Salt Bar

80 gram bar - Great Britain

Maldon Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

To the tongue you get the 70% chocolate feel, with some nice floral notes and citrus. At the first bite you get a good bite and you search for the salt.

The salt comes at the end, as if the salt is hiding to pop out on the tip of the tongue. You can almost hear the salt when you take a bite and the salt taste comes late in the process.

Like his milk bars, this dark chocolate bar is wicked fun to eat! A couple of bites and then a melt and a bit of the dry edge that a good dark chocolate has.

What a mouth smacking exploration finish as you hunt around in your own mouth to find the flavors hidden in every orifice in your mouth that you may never have paid attention to in the past. The chocolate lasts in such an enjoyable way.