Limited Edition Mission Chocolate Puerto Rico Cocoa Bar


From Mission Chocolates chocolatier, Arcelia:

Hacienda Cacao Valent is on the west coast of Puerto Rico, cacao trees were planted in 2014 and soon after, Hurricane Maria destroyed 40% of the trees. The producer David Valentín Bayón, a multi-generational farmer, has spent most of his time planting and making sure his trees grow and survive to become strong mature trees.  

On his farm he has a blend of mostly trinitário and forastero trees, with a few criollo. In 2017 and 2019 his cacao received a Cocoa of Excellence Award.  

This is the third harvest that I have received from him, the first two harvests I received, I made into chocolate and both times awarded. So this makes his cacao and my chocolate the most awarded in Puerto Rico.  

It is important to support Puerto Rican cacao because most of it goes to bulk processing and made into Dominican chocolate. Creating a demand in for single origin Puerto Rican chocolate, incentivizes farmers to sell their cacao to small chocolate makers instead of the large industry  buyers.