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  • La Romagna Tagliatelle Egg Pasta


La Romagna Tagliatelle Egg Pasta
350 grams
- Umbria, Italy

Tagliatelle is a narrow flat egg pasta; what I grew up calling "noodles". So delicious, and filling - one package is more than enough to make a meal. Perfect for beef stroganoff or baked tuna casserole. But plain with butter and sea salt allows you to taste the egg.

La Romagna has taken these classic Umbrian shapes and paired them each with their own type of flour. Stringozzi is made with Durum Wheat semolina, Umbricelli is 100% Farro flour, and Pappardelle and Tagiatelle is made of Durum Wheat semolina and local eggs.

La Romagna's pastas are some of the most memorable and finest quality we have come across. Not "fancy" or made by some exotic "designer" of pasta. Just pasta the way it should be - familiar family pasta that is delicious to eat.

ingredients: durum wheat semolina, egg (30%)